12 Best Ways to Get Free Steam Games in 2019 (Updated)

Ways to Get Free Steam Games

Steam is an online platform that lets millions of people be a part of a community. They have all types of games, ranging from action to indie and everything in between.

The community has over 15,635,516 online gamers and 4,834,215 in gamers. Initially, Steam was released on September 11, 2003, making it 15 years old.

Steam was developed by a company called Valve. Steam has a wide range and can be used over various platforms starting from Microsoft Windows, that includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10  and anything above it, MacOS, and Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation 3 and Windows Phones.

It has the option to share your library and trade in the marketplace, but if that still isn’t enough for you and need more games and find them expensive.

Do not worry, and we’ve put together the ultimate guide that will help you get the best games for free.

1. Game Giveaways

Valve always makes it a point to keep in mind the problems that people would face. And hence there are giveaways for odd games.

These are usually games of their own like Left 4, Dead 2 and so on. Such giveaways are done via their own Steam Digital Distribution service.

But now since Steam has made it possible for developers or publishers to pick their own sale price, the frequency of giveaways organized by developers or publishers has increased. This is seen more during franchise sales.

There are various developers that organize these giveaways, and they span from various time periods.

GOG.com hosts giveaways and give away two or three games per year at the least. There have been times where they’ve given away more than 5 games.

On the other hand, origin hosts giveaways at the On The House Promotion, which gives the gamers an opportunity to pick up games for free for the duration of one month. Plant Vs. Zombies, Dead Space, are a few examples of games that were on sale.

Green Man Gaming hosts monthly giveaways. They follow a different system and offer free games while the stocks last.

2. Ninja Giveaways

Ninja giveaways are exactly what they sound like. They work just like giveaways, but you have to be really quick to get them.

There are various websites where you will be able to see codes that are dropped. By code dropped we mean, codes are being copied and pasted to a site or many sites for everyone to see.

And as the word ninja suggests, the ones who copy the code and use it at Steam get the benefit of it. but if someone has already used it, better luck next time.

There are times when the sites will disguise pasts of the code just to make it harder for bots or cyber ninjas to pick up the codes automatically and activate them on account of the person who was using it.

The main reason for doing something like this is something like breaking up publicly visible email ID just to prevent it from being misused and also in the case overused.

At times they might even create a puzzle around it just to make it a little harder of people and make it seem like they’ve worked for the code.

Code holders might even ask if anyone is interested in receiving codes to send them a message privately and then they’ll receive the code.

This is again another method to prevent the codes being picked up by bots and greedy or undeserving games, who just sit and wait at different sites waiting for a code to drop.

3. Ask the Developers (nicely)!

There are few developers who don’t like posting anything publically which implies that their giveaway isn’t public.

Sometimes the developer wouldn’t have even made the game free for any time frame, but sometimes it leaks that the developer will give away codes or keys to certain people who have asked and spoken to the developer nicely.

This process usually takes place via email or a personal message. A lot of people online have said that they’ve had better luck with Indie developers when compared to any other developer.

4. Game Reviewer

There are a lot of websites and developers who will offer you free game codes and key in return for publishing a game review.

This will depend on the website where you have published the review, for example, is it a site that has a lot of traffic or a website that no one visits? You also have more advantage if it a well-known magazine.

GOG.com has this offer, and maybe you can check it out and see if it fits your needs. If you own or a part of a big website or magazine that usually reviews games, bring it to the notice of developers and publisher and the chances of you getting free games will be really high.

5. Ask a friend!

If you’re extremely broke and absolutely have no cash at the moment, you can always ask your friends to buy you a game.

But always remember to pay them back, you know it’s the right thing to do! But, if your friends are really nice and rich, they might just buy it for you and ask nothing in return.

That is when you know, and you are extremely lucky! But, we suggest you don’t use this method unless you really need the game.

Sometimes people buy games in bundles and might have extra keys to spare that they would be ready to give away.

Hence, it is really important to make connections and observe a few close ones. Sometimes Humble Bundle offers regular free DRM copies for a game that can be downloaded of their website and on Steam keys.

Usually, since the HB ones are often DRM-free, the Steam keys are given away only to someone who deserves it.

6. Make most of the Bitcoin opportunities

As we know, bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity due to which it is extremely easy to earn a few Bitcoins.

You can earn Bitcoins by simply visiting websites or being part of promotions that websites host.

Which is the best time to grab a few Bitcoins, this might also involve social action and social media marketing. Or, if you’re lucky you can get them by doing nothing based on first come first serve basis.

There are quite a few websites that let you buy games just by using bitcoins. Humble Bundle, Indie Gala and Groupees are a few websites that let you buy games using bitcoin.

A little tip, you can even use Bitcoins on Steam to purchase Steam Wallet Vouchers.

7. Third-party applications

If you’re still wondering how to get free games on Steam. You can use third-party applications that offer free games.

These applications are completely legal methods and are the best alternative to all the illegal methods and the safest way on how to get free games on Steam.

Using third-party applications is relatively simple and also the best solution to how to get free games on Steam. Let’s look at the different websites that you can use.

8. Steamgifts

This is hands down the best place and the best solution to how to get free games on Steam.

The number of things you can do here is crazy! You can learn about giveaways, how to be a member and even how to be part of giveaways and how to use Steam Gifts by just looking at their Frequently Asked Questions Section.

But first, you’ll have to link your Steam account in order for the community members to find your profile just in case you won something or if you’re hosting a giveaway then for you to be able to contact them.

This option of connecting your Steam account makes it possible to win games that you’ve already redeemed on Steam.

This also acts as a base protector and makes it very hard for scammers to hack and use the site.

Note: Make sure to make your account public while you’re singing in, this makes the website know that you’re a legitimate user and are not a bot or scam.

If your Steam account is not Public, the chances of you getting an account on Steam Gifts is very low. Hence, if you want to be a part of Steam Gifts and want to know how to get free games on Steam, make your account public.

9. GOG

GOG.com is one of the most popular methods on how to get free games on Steam. GOG.com works towards offering old as well as new games that have been released to the users.

Since the product lacks any form of digital rights management that can be given to the consumers, they have the ability to install the game anytime and anywhere and also they can download it as many times they wish.

GOG is known to be a digital Distribution platform service mainly for video games and films and also answers your question about “how to get free games on Steam.”

GOG usually conducts two or three game giveaways per year. These giveaways are premium games, due to which the demand the high.

Their giveaways last for 48 hours which is a good amount of time to grab the game.

10. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a digital store mainly for video games. And to ultimate place on how to get free games on Steam.

This was first grown out of the original offering of Humble Bundle that is a collection of games sold at a time, and the prices were determined by the developers.

A portion of the money that one pays for a game goes towards charity and the rest is divided amongst the developers.

Humble has a very good collection of games, and as mentioned above a part of the price goes towards charity, and the rest is split among the developers.

Humble Bundle organizes Steam key giveaways that are free and legal. The duration and the types of games in the giveaway vary from year to year and is the best solution to how to get free games on Steam.

11. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is also an online retail store, no surprise there I’m sure! And easily the solution to your question about how to get free games on Steam.

They are based in the United Kingdom, and they have a catalog of around 5200 games which range from 450 publishers.

They have also received a lot of awards for their work and platform. Green Man Gaming is not the ideal solution to get free games, but it definitely is one of the options.

Green Man Gaming works a little differently. They have monthly giveaways only for paid gamers or users, I know, such a letdown! But, they send you Steam Keys, and if you already own that game, then you can pass it on.

Hence, make friends with someone who has an account at Green Man Gaming. The easiest way on how to get free games on Steam.

12. SteamCompanion

This website works very similar to Steam Gifts, and it has the same option of downloading games for free for your PC.

How to get free games on Steam? This not only gives you that but gives you much more.

In addition to free games, they also have the option to host Steam giveaways which means you also have the possibility to play and win free Steam games.

All you have to do is connect your Steam account to SteamCompanion. Steam Companion also lets you track the amount of time spent on them as well as the total worth of all your games. And obviously, it does answer the question of how to get free games on Steam.

This brings us to the end of how to get free games on Steam. We hope this helped you and you can now get free games and play away.

Pick the method that suits your needs and functioning the best. Hope this answered your question “how to get free games on Steam?” Have fun gaming!