How to Refund a Game on Steam

To start off the article on how to refund a game on steam, let’s understand what steam is and what they deal with.

Steam is an online entertainment platform which lets you Play, Connect, Create and more. They provide instant access to games which range from Action to Indie.

They hold around 13,500,000 gamers online and 4,000,000 in gamers.

Hence, giving you the opportunity to meet new people, join groups and be a part of a community and make over 100 million friends or competitors.

It’s a one-stop place for unlimited fun! The best part about stream is that is available on PC, Mac and even Linux.

They offer a catalog for Mac, PC and Linux games which you can buy and play anywhere, and they also have the option of cross-Platform Multiplayer through which you can play with your friends no matter which form they log in via. But how to refund a game on steam?

Coming to how to refund a game on the steam segment, let’s look into this area in detail.

If you’ve ever bought a game from steam and after a few days aren’t enjoying it and think the game was not suited for you, you can always request for a refund and your money will be refunded back.

But how to refund a game on steam? This feature of stream stands out and is considered extremely necessary especially because a lot of games today do not give you the option of a trial.

Which makes it really difficult to tell if you’d like the game or not. If you’ve bought the games recently, then you have the option of refunding the game, and you can use your precious dollars elsewhere, into something you’d enjoy more.

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Before we get into how to refund a game on steam, there are certain rules that they have laid down which one must look into before requesting for a refund.

How to Refund a Game on Steam: Rules and Regulations

Following are some rules you just need to follow to refund a game on steam.

How to Refund a Game on Steam

1. Refunds on In-game Purchases

Steam will refund for in-game purchases as well within any valve developed games, and this will be done within forty-eight hours of purchase.

This will only be possible if the in-game item has not been consumed completely, partially, modified or even transferred.

If it has followed all these conditions, the third-party developers will be able to enable refunds for all the in-game purchases or items that were bought. But the in-game purchases made in non-valve games are not refundable by steam.

During the time of any in-game purchase, steam will mention if the item you are purchasing is refundable by the game developers and if they have opted to offer refunds.

If not, in-game purchases in non-valve games are not refundable according to steam.

2. Refunds on Pre-Purchase Titles

Pre-purchased titles on steam and you have paid in advance can be refunded, but this has to be done any time prior to the release of the title.

The 14 day or two-hour standard refund policy is applicable here as well, which starts on the game’s release date.

3. Wallet Refunds

Steam also gives you the option to request for a refund for your steam wallet funds.

This has to be done within fourteen days of purchase and is possible only if you have not used any of the funds.

4. Steam Hardware Refund

Any hardware and accessories purchased on the steam website can be returned within Thirty days after delivery.

You can return it for any reason, but you’ll have to ship the hardware or accessories to the company within 14 days after requesting a refund.

There are certain rules laid down by steam, and they are Application of these terms, Pre Order Payment, Transport Costs and Taxes, Right to Cancel Your Order.

You can read about it in detail on their official page or just follow terms and conditions.

5. Refunds on Bundles

It is possible to receive a full refund for any bundle that you have purchased at the steam store, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is that none of the items that belong to the bundle have been transferred, and the combined usage time for the entire bundle is less than two hours.

And in any case, if a bundle has an in-game purchase or a DLC item that is not refundable, steam will let you know if the entire bundle is refundable during the check-out.

6. Purchases made off steam

Anything that has been bought at a third party site that is outside of steam cannot be refunded.

Valve will not provide refunds for any purchase like CD keys, Steam wallet, Cards, etc.

7. VAC bans

If by any chance you’ve been banned by the Valve Anti-Cheat system or also called VAC on a game, you don’t have the right to request for a refund for that game in particular.

8. Video Content

Steam does not have the option to offer refunds for any form of video content on steam like movies, series, episodes, tutorials and short series.

But a refund is possible if the video was bought as a part of a bundle along with non-refundable content.

In any case, steam will let you know if the bundle is refundable or not during the time of check out.

9. Refunds on Gifts

Unredeemed gifts can be refunded as well. It should be returned within the standard 14 days or the two hour refund period.

If the gift recipient initiates the refund, the refund will take place under the same conditions. The funds that were used to purchase the gift will go back to the original purchaser of the gift.

10. EU Right of Withdrawal

Citizens of the European Union customers have the right of withdrawal from a transaction under their EU law.

11. Abuse

One must remember that this option is provided by steam to remove the risk of purchasing titles on steam and definitely not a way for you to get free games.

If steam catches on to you and feels like you’re abusing the refund option, they have all the right to stop offering you that option.

According to them, if you have purchased a title right before a sale and request for a refund and immediately buy it again during the sale for a sale price, it is not considered as abuse.

Once we have got yourselves familiar with the rules and regulations on how to refund a game on steam let’s look into the steps that one uses to go about the process of how to refund a game on steam.

Steps to Requesting for a Refund 

Let’s dive into how to refund a game on steam:

  • How to refund a game on steam: Steps of requesting for a refund
  • Requesting for a refund
  • The first and very basic step is to log into your steam account.
  • After which, look for the “Steam Help” option and click on it. It’s located at the top of the screen.
  • When you select or click on the “Steam Help” option, you will be redirected, or a list will drop down. From the list select the option “A Purchase” this is usually at the bottom of the list. So don’t worry when you can’t see the option at first sight.

Once you select the “A Purchase” option, you will again be redirected to a page, containing a list of games you have bought on steam. All you have to do is select the game you want to refund.

This will then ask you to specify the problem you’re facing with the game, and you’ll usually be provided with options to choose from.

These options are like, I purchased this game by accident or I’m facing technical issues.  Select the most appropriate option.

This will then lead you to a new screen, here you can select the option I would like to request a Refund.  You can add in more details regarding your issue with the game and giving in more specifics.

Your issue could be I wanted to purchase the newer version of the game, but the specifications were not mentioned properly on sight or I would have the same version of the game on sale for a much lesser price Hit the submit button and you’re done!

Steps After Receiving a Response

After a while of requesting for a refund, you should be receiving a confirmation email. In any case, if you do not receive an email confirmation even after waiting for a few hours, we suggest you call the steam’s helpline number and check if the request has been processed or if your refund request was received.

Also, make sure what the issue was and why the request hasn’t been taken into consideration or processed.

We suggest you remain patient and wait at least for a week to hear back about your refund. There are times that some refunds are processed quickly whereas some may take longer.

Sometimes, steam receives a lot of refund requests at the same time, due to which your request for a refund can be delayed.

It is always recommended to check your bank balance to make sure the refund has been processed.

Especially if you receive a confirmation email stating that your refund request has been approved.

Within a week you should have the money safe with you. If you haven’t received your money even after receiving confirmation. Then contact steam using their contact information and make sure your bank details are right.

How to Avoid a Rejection?

The best way to avoid rejection is to request a refund within 14 days of purchase. There are times that steam might refund your money even after the timeframe on a case by case basis.

The faster you act, the faster your refund will be processed, so you know what to do!

Another thing to keep in mind is not to request for a refund too many times. Technically, steam has no limit to the number of times you can request for a refund.

But, if you request for too many refunds in a short time frame. You have high chances of receiving an email with a warning.

There are a lot of gamers who misuse this feature and mine games for rewards and then demand a refund.

you have purchased a gift and looking to refund it.  you need to request the refund before you gift your item.

If you’ve already given the gift away, then the person who received the gift can only request for a refund.

If your request for a refund was rejected, you could always apply for an appeal. You can simply issue another request using the same procedure and restating your issue. There are times that steam has changed their opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most often questions asked regarding how to request a refund on steam are given below, with the best-suited solutions or answer:

My refund was confirmed, but I haven’t received anything, it’s been more than seven days, what do I do?

The typical time period time that it takes for a refund is around seven days. But if the refund is supposed to be made to an international account. It could take longer than the usual time frame.

If it still hasn’t reached you, you can directly call the bank and find out if there are any pending refunds on your account.

NOTE: If a refund has been approved within 24 hours of the purchase. The original transaction will be canceled, and the charge drop will directly drop of your bank statement. In such a case you won’t be able to see a credit in your account. And this process will take about ten days, and this might vary again for international accounts.

1. I requested a refund for an old purchase of mine, but it was rejected why?

Any purchase that was made outside the time frame of 14 days is not eligible for a refund. This is a policy of steam.

2. Is there a certain limit to how many purchases I can request for a refund?

There are no limits, and you can submit as many numbers of refunds as you wish and are eligible for a refund.

But If it appears that you are abusing this feature and the refund system, steam has the option and the right to revoke access to this feature.

3. When I refund a game, will the playtime and achievements be removed from the profile?

Requesting for a refund will definitely make no changes to your playtime and achievements. This brings us to the end of the article on how to refund a game on steam. It is an extremely easy process, and everything you need to know is mentioned above. Just follow the steps and read through the entire article in detail.