Roblox Music Codes

If you have been a gaming enthusiast, then you must surely know what Roblox is, right? Roblox is an online multiplayer game where you can play and create games with your friends or join different groups made by other players.

With the in-game currency money termed as Robux, you can do everything like purchasing clothes, buying games, creating audios and several other exciting things.

The issue of the diversion is that you need to pay for everything and the network is brimming with junk.

There are some sites that has already mentioned the Easy hacks to get free Robux on Roblox. If you want some Robux without spending your money then you can try them out too.

Roblox has more than 60 million active users who have been using the platform to entertain themselves. The brilliant features and in-game accessibilities like voice over chat, sharing media, etc.

Therefore with such exciting features and at the same time, brilliant gameplay makes Roblox so popular.

What is Roblox Music Code and Library?

If you have been using Roblox, then you are probably aware that there is a feature called Library. The Library is a gathering of openly accessible models, decals, sound, and modules that you can use to help make the round you had always wanted!

Roblox Music Codes

If it’s not too much trouble remember that dissimilar to apparel and apparatus, Library things won’t have the capacity to be worn on your symbol.

Following are some Important Roblox Music Library

Roblox Rap Music Codes List

Song NameSong ID
( Roblox Rap 2016 3000+ Takes)422833203
(Roblox Rap Song 2017)560504729
(Trap)&(Instrumental) Rap BeaT299963135
[200TAKES :D] Jeffy Rap Song!852979074
[Naruto] Sharingan In The Eyes [RAP]345374282
[Original:Vocal/Rap House] Eine Kleine Nachtmusik239666141
A Roblox Rap - All I want to do is play roblox.783196747
A Roblox Rap - Im on roblox642740048
Adele - Hello (Rap Cover) By Austin Awake346313782
Agressive Violin Rap Beat371414907
AlbertsStuff rap!677633462
Alex Rap220296038
Alien Isolation Rap by Rockit Productions Feat. JT466294948
AP Gov DOI Rap by wwiifreak11176795052
Awesome Rap!169712867
Battlefield 1 VS Infinite Warfare Rap454156194
Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare Rap Battle419875948
Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap160288504
Black Ops 3 Rap Battle - Specialists444382335
Blocksworld Theme303459243
Blodborne RAP -- JT Machinima265421459
Bloodborne Rap V2 (longer)265496054
BREADLY RAP390354575
Brock Lesnars WWE Theme *Rap Remix*157156319
Brush Your Teeth Rap Song!201083010
BrySi - COD vs Halo Rap Battle Song!247964463
Brysi - Halo 4 Rap240140965
BrySi the Machinima Guy - Black Ops 2 Zombies Rap220113369
Buk Lau Announcement RAP! - Ownage Pranks [Clean]172481154
Camerons Conference Rap - Cassetteboy184455654
Cant Be Erased Jt Machinima BATIM Rap752581929
Cells Cells - Parts of the Cell Rap Part 1157791488
Chef Pee Pees Rap Song530170382
chinese rap262555461
Club Penguin - Im a Mod (Moderator Rap Battle)447449831
ComedyShortsGamer - Freestyle Rap [CLEAN]240019640
CoryxKenshin Emily Wants To Play Rap337155507
Crazy Dave Rap Video166232430
creeper rap244912480
Creeper Rap166754069
Cringe - Epic rap battles of galaxy197866379
D12 - Rap Game153071909
DanTDMs Rap Song!775821079
DeadPool - Deadpool Rap Soundtrack 2016(Clean)363596030
DERP SSUNDEE RAP!! (louder)390591033
DESTINY EPIC RAP - Zarcort y Piter-G447511767
Diddy Drop Rap278417111
DK Rap (Donkey Kong 64)186419359
DK Rap (NA Version)445970607
DK Rap (Unused Version)431948683
Donald Trump Quotes Rap481309046
Donald Trump Rap440721504
DOOM Rap - JT Machinima470709687
Dying Light Rap by JT Machinima - (Bite Me)221456185
Dying Light Rap by JT Machinima - Bite Me part 2326835204
El Rap De Agapio505058218
el rap de agapito 2.0505083560
Eminem - Rap God (15 SECONDS) *READ DESC*137638671
Eminem Rap God (Non-Explicit)168493986
Eminem-Rap God (windex clean)178564644
Eminem-Rap God *Lyrics in Desc*Take it, Its free! 138081652
Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek254821062
epic rap battles ; billy mays vs ben franklin145609671
epic rap battles ; chuck norris vs abe lincoln145614905
epic rap battles ; einstein v stephen hawking145536183
epic rap battles ; gandhi v martin luther king145532379
epic rap battles ; miley cyrus vs joan of arc145608232
epic rap battles ; mr t vs mr rogers145607064
Epic Rap Battles Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney Part1165677235
Epic Rap Battles Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney Part2165683024
Epic Rap Battles Of Akademi! Ayano VS Osana895861402
Epic Rap Battles of History - Walt Disney Instrume299399857
Euphrates River Rap Song!194571154
F N A F 3 Rap Song [30 SOLD]428288609
F N A F World Rap by JT Machinima - Join the Party372624752
Fake You Out twenty one pilots [Rap]498034617
Fastest Rap EVER - Roomie230912321
Five Long Nights Rap231008216
Five Nights At Freddys 2 Rap630027629
[email protected] 3 rap230894748
[email protected] 3 rap part 1415015024
[email protected] 4 Rap by JT Machinima - We Dont Bite293848213
[email protected] Five more Nights (Rap)246337702
[email protected] Five More Nights (Rap) [PT 2]246350514
[email protected] Rap Battle by-JT Machinima479850999
[email protected] Sister Loaction Rap Turn Back473916120
FN4F Rap - We Dont Bite329563896
Fna.f Rap 2304026639
Fnaf Sister Location Rap ~ JTMachinama525740848
Freddy Fazbear vs. Slenderman - V. Game Rap Battle268107489
Game Grumps Rap - GET OUTTA HERE (ft. Mr. Wilson)303984224
German Rap.289018571
GOODBYE, BLACK OPS 2 RAP SONG BY BRYSI (mp3cut.net345941607
Gorillaz - dirty harry Rap solo142483940
GTA San Andreas CJ rap[LOUD]401692866
GTA San Andreas Theme Song (CJ Rap) (ORIGINAL)428392221
Gumball Rap- We Enjoy it While Were Kids!375836021
Haikaiss - RAP LORD845655809
Halo 4 Dubstep Rap - Beast Mode On - TEAMHEADKICK226234264
HANZO VS GENJI Rap Battle (Overwatch) JT Machinima487555633
Hard Bass x 808 Trap Instrumental Rap Beat341286447
Hard Guitar Rap Instrumental 2014157460916
HELLO NEIGHBOR RAP by JT Machinima -Hello and Go588322657
Hustler Rap - Instrumental171119445
Ice Cube -Gan.gsta Rap Made Me Do It263769212
Its Every Day Bro Spanish Rap923125298
JACKSEPTICEYE RAP - Im Everywhere Remix313507469
Jarl Ballin (Jarl Blagruuf Swag Rap)139752731
Jeff The Killer Rap By DeiGamer (Spanish)189824815
Jeffy Why Rap Song! (Clean)844350585
Jeffys Rap (Clean)830938198
Joy Is Joi Rap: Kotarou Katsura358180061
JT - Bendy and the ink machine rap794224132
JT Machinima - Cant Be Erased (BATIM RAP)839041561
JT Machinima - Fallout 4 Rap326475696
Killer Bee Rap - English Dub339969636
Kongo Jungle/DK Rap (SSBM)328045172
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo-Road To The Riches316313914
Krusty Krab Unfair Rap (Loops)505697112
Kuusou Rumba Rap142304258
Layers Of The Earth Rap Song!203622008
Legend Of Zelda Rap.185604687
Legendary Kirby Dubstep Rap [Zach Boucher]382483264
Lost in the Woods (Dubstep Rap Remix by NLJ)5+sale157040520
Lukas Graham - 7 Years (Rap Cover by Danny Thomas)464018461
Mario Bros vs Wright Bros. Epic Rap Battles of Hi218165316
McDonalds Rap210662763
MF DOOM - Rap Snitch Knishes Ft. Mr. Fantastik313642485
Michael Rosen Rap266645671
MINECRAFT ENDERMAN RAP!! (full)942165791
Minecraft vs. Terraria - Video Game Rap Battle340341385
Minecringe rap859186699
Minnesota Burns Troll Rap192852698
Mixtape Rap Battle Beat236924173
Mozart vs Skrillex. Epic Rap Battles of History245318396
Music Splash 1 RAP + HIP HOP197361530
my EDM/REMIX/RAP320519149
NAP RAP - The Warp Zone feat. SMOSH167643948
Nathan Oritz - Return Of The Rap King274199913
New Years Rap341992928
Nuketown Rap(2 Takes) Nervous so cool!285726151
Obie Trice - Rap Name205472572
One Piece - 4kids Pirate Rap-142517898
Overwatch Rap Battle | Genji vs Hanzo |595675454
Overwatch Rap by JT Machinima - Heroes Never Die396803526
Parappa The Rapper - Car Rap183222751
PBG - Ocarina of Time rap185149420
Pearl & Garnets Secret Rap & Pop Careers498308713
PEWDIEPIE RAP By Dan Bull268569303
Pheeniks - Silence (Tokyo Ghoul rap instrumental)266960672
Pink Sheep Rap337856158
Pink Sheeps Epic Rap414984891
Piraka Rap169313790
Plants VS Zombies 2 : Neon Mixtape Tour (Rap)303542383
Plants vs. Zombies- Crazy Daves Rap489235276
Pmac - One (Loneliest Number Rap)245791371
pokemon rap233720044
Pokemon Rap152381839
Pokemon Rap (Original)286633281
PRO Rap Tune Hip-Hop358747222
Proto Rap [Full]965872136
Protogent Rap989714243
Rap do Homem Macaco (sem alma e sem coração)580561275
Rap do Luffy pt I (dirigido por Tauz)365203331
Rap fail - rap del dinero217936641
Rap god151650924
Rap Instrumental148461245
Rap Is A Mans Soul!131271632
Rap is the Soul of a Man144387035
Rap Monster - Joke421274884
Rap Monster - Monterlude (BTS)168897870
RAP Song342797718
Rap Tributo NagatoPain413505711
Reeses Puffs Rap279696144
Reeses Puffs Rap (Original!)685408383
Reset-Tiger JK (No Rap Edit)262025389
Rio Rap [CLEAN]391698731
roblox Noob vs Guest rap474767821
Roblox Rap - Memories (Original)294202524
Roomie-Fastest Rap Ever214286764
Rugrats Rap.168458788
Ruski Rap206007885
Russian Rap164991916
Russian Rap Russian Russia203927477
Russian Rap.289019186
Sandman (Sample rap beat)491030504
Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale Rap by JT Mac727638115
Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale Rap by JT Mac532475155
Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale Rap by JT p.1472628451
Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale Rap by JT p.2472628542
Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale Rap by p.3472628632
Sans vs Chara rap487089157
Sausage Rap Beat313573059
School Zone Safety Message [rap] - Victoria Police230743775
shrek ear rap xd298676114
sick rap song402846282
Slow Rap Instrumental281622881
SML | Chef PPs Rap Song654057419
Smooth Piano Rap Beat416512647
Smosh - Legend of Zelda Rap147792736
Snips and Snails RAP [MLP]199606647
Some Rap Instrumental183757724
Soulfoods Rap262576356
Star Wars Rap241680296
Take U To Da Movies (Funny Rap Song)167725382
talk murder to me yolo swag rap271897465
Tattletail Rap Dont Tattle on me (Jt Machinima)704151357
Team Fortress 2 Rap - JT Machinima (Beginning)464914823
Team Fortress 2 Rap by JT Machinima-Meet the crew228490806
Team Mystic RAP SONG - Pokemon GO483948016
Teen Titans Go! - Uncle Jokes Rap216268965
Terraria vs Minecraft - Videogame Rap battles395617252
The Amazing World Of Gumball - Pizza Rap231104027
The Amazing World of Gumball ~ Honesty Rap231658186
The Amazing World Of Gumball Kids Rap.211450868
The Donald Trump Rap511936993
THE DONALD TRUMP RAP [200 takes]451104214
THE MARKIPLIER RAP - by JT Machinima480856460
THE MARKIPLIER RAP - by JT Machinima PART 2500575724
The Markiplier Rap ( Full version )658337621
The Mob Rap: fifth part455256649
The Nap Rap - WarpZone ft. Smosh180442807
The Neko Rap376943359
the prune caillou rap453853084
The Rap300239694
The snack rap303215772
The Wario Rap258453321
The Zanziber Rap v3323637074
Thomas the Rap Engine302747696
Thomas the Rap Engine [750+ TAKES!]231885784
TMNT elevator rap178543065
To the bone (sans and papyrus RAP)440768347
Tobuscus vs. Pewdiepie - Rap Battle184281301
Toontown Rap Battle386395244
Total Drama Pahkitew Island Sugars rap (craptry)438874246
Tracer VS Scout Rap Battle - JT Machinima464913776
Travis Scott- Antidote(Travis rap part)462162032
Twenty one pilots- Kitchen Sink RAP274876304
Tyga - Rap Star (Clean)305965495
Urban Assault Forces Rap273599728
VI Seconds - The Purple Man. (A [email protected] rap.)287556455
vuxvux rap (CLEANkinda)1001896310
Water Cycle Rap!?!? (128kbps)499123139
We Dont Bite - [email protected] 4 Rap by JT Machinima [PT II]284166459
Wowcrendor: Luckydo Rap142414548
XpertThief - Los Santos (GTA V Rap)395694478

Roblox Dubstep Music Codes List

Song NameSong ID
(BFS) DEFEATER Dubstep/Orchestral [LOOP]146364977
(NEW AUDIO in desc) ♫Jingle Bells♫ techno Dubstep191807472
(Original) Song of Storms Dubstep remix (first one162303058
*100 TAKES!* Flo Rida Good Feeling Dubstep200885331
Jacksepticeye Dubstep Remix Part 1340905038
Jacksepticeye Dubstep Remix Part 2340905054
ABBA Gimme!Gimme!Gimme! Dubstep Mix262198908
@KyleEdwards DUBSTEP - We Are Young404305609
[DUBSTEP/ELECTRO] F!ve N!ghts at Freddys Remix275077996
[Dubstep] - Pegboard Nerds - 20k140131193
[Dubstep] - Pegboard Nerds - Close Encounter142351244
[Dubstep] - Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct [Monste282395447
[Dubstep] Astronaut - Apollo (The Brig Remix)358789002
[Dubstep] Barely Alive - Elephant359384212
[Dubstep] Bear Grillz - High Grade (EP Album)340950332
[Dubstep] Bear Grillz x Datsik - Drop That Low334046170
[Dubstep] BOIRIA & ColBreakz - Feelings340864816
[Dubstep] Delta Heavy - Ghost (Zomboy Remix)274724609
[Dubstep] Delta Heavy - Hold Me294557250
[Dubstep] Den - Mozartstep209562374
[Dubstep] Destroid - Bounce168089157
[Dubstep] DM Galaxy - Bad Motives221449456
[Dubstep] DM Galaxy - Paralyzed (feat. Tyler Fiore287080370
[Dubstep] Doctor P - Going Gorillas235216735
[Dubstep] Dr. Ozi - Loose Cannon (ft. DDARK)387891560
[Dubstep] EH!DE - Chicks n Alcohol360609787
[Dubstep] EH!DE & Dec3mber - Hyperreality234151845
[Dubstep] Eptic - Gun Finga345231141
[Dubstep] Excision - Live Wire327528899
[Dubstep] Excision & Space Laces - Push It Up342989975
[DUBSTEP] Justin Bieber - Confident147593709
[Dubstep] Knife Party - Bonfire156806897
[Dubstep] Knife Party - Fire Hive142821517
[Dubstep] Moody Good - Hotplate (feat. Knytro)211043409
[Dubstep] Pane Mua X Subtop - Cruise280334338
[Dubstep] Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected162191524
[Dubstep] QuixSmell - Fury Blast301401036
[Dubstep] R4G3 K!L1 - Game Time203017572
[Dubstep] Rampage - Fall of Icarus loop208240682
[Dubstep] Razihel - Skybreaker171652097
[Dubstep] Royksopp* - Running To The Sea** (2min)148512213
[Dubstep] Savant - Desert Eagle343662064
[Dubstep] Savant - Pizza Power Alien382905634
[Dubstep] SIDEPROJECT - Energy Module (ROBLOX 2)304989011
[Dubstep] Solomon`s Theme (Remix)187084093
[Dubstep] Spag Heddy - The Run (Best Cut)411066384
[Dubstep] Stabby - Terminal412718736
[Dubstep] The Sentence - Synchronice175177854
[Dubstep] Vexare - Or What- ft. Sam Mendoza359037629
[Dubstep] Virtual Riot - Preset Junkies339698047
[Dubstep] xKore - Full Clip380768580
[Dubstep] xKore - Need You [Centra Remix]257489832
[Dubstep] xKore - Wild to the Kore380768707
[Dubstep] Zomboy - Bad Intentions (PART 1)318142155
[Dubstep] Zomboy - City 2 City (PART 1)316033575
[Dubstep] Zomboy - Mind Control211367908
[Dubstep]Teminite - Get Down454066741
[Dubstep]Teminite - Inception454067085
[Dubstep-Electro] Thomas theme song remastered299897651
[Hardcore Dubstep] Spag Heddy - Onvang324920453
[HD] Cake Is Gone [Portal Dubstep]156185013
[HD] I am the Doctor [Dubstep, Sped Up [300+]144035866
[HD] I Knew You Were Trouble [Dubstep Remix]145807689
[HD] Pitbull - Feel This Moment [Dubstep]160205353
[Heavy Dubstep] NEOH - Rudeboy292059559
[Heavy Dubstep] QuixSmell - Ibanna Furrhy290743690
[Hybrid Dubstep] Eptic - Cosmic407006323
[Melodic Dubstep] Demon Hunter - Last One Alive267943004
[NEW] BEST ~ DUBSTEP322666658
[ORIGINAL] Epic Dubstep159974612
[Trap/Dubstep] Spag Heddy - Bad Boi285705699
1 Minute Dubstep145750808
10 seconds dubstep remix142385975
120 Second Dubstep142279108
15 Second Dubstep130762870
15 Second Dubstep: Culture Code130773779
15 Second Dubstep: Culture Code130773779
15 Seconds of Epic Dubstep138236467
3dNOW - Double The Trouble (Dubstep)235744586
Krewella - Come & Get It dubstep EDM144931344
Vocaloid Ocelot Dubstep mix 2014122 [2 songs]206565000
Adventure Club - Need Your Heart {Dubstep Mix}161244298
Adventure Club ft. Yuna - Gold - Dubstep145869637
Aero Chord - Mortar [Dubstep]155349840
Aftershock - Schoolboy [DUBSTEP]151044924
Alan Walker - Fade (Dubstep Remix)466814673
Alan Walker - Faded (Refly Dubstep Remix)415527624
Almost dubstep239324300
Are You H.U.M.A.N.- (Dubstep/Techno)138196833
Astronaut (Dubstep)159724813
Attack On Titan Dubstep Remix251276957
Awesome Asian Song Dubstep Remix (200+ SALES!)172145556
Awesome Dubstep I think...138127229
Awesome Rave/Dubstep Music138125005
Awolnation-Sail (Unlimited Gravity Dubstep Remix)269401785
Barely Alive - Dead Link (Dubstep Loop)160620066
bass boosted dubstep (LOUD)245607015
Best Cry Ever Dubstep208336443
Best Dubstep Evar!143729079
best dubstep yet173776103
BF4 DUBSTEP244594607
Black Bullet Dubstep222536016
Black Hole Dubstep (2013)138136821
Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun (Dubstep)175369122
Blowing Da Bubblegum (Dubstep)481603614
Brutal Dubstep186154130
Brutal Dubstep [100 TAKES!!!]134741946
Bullet Train (Dubstep Music)138160636
Cake By The Ocean (Dubstep Remix)1003718688
Call me Maybe - Dubstep Version131312945
Call Of Duty Zombies Theme DUBSTEP (roblox)281972567
Campfire Song Song (Dubstep Remix)264039465
Caramel Pod [DUBSTEP]142391665
Celebrate (Dubstep Remix) [100+ TAKES!!!!]140048275
CF Dubstep With Guns164406159
ChillDub Dubstep (First Audio)138176959
Chillstep - Loop Dubstep131302501
Club Penguin - Dubstep Puffle148709033
CoD Zombies Theme Dubstep297265267
Come To Die (Dubstep)155706109
Crave You DUBSTEP/CHILLSTEP131243684
Crazy Dubstep276549418
Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin)143929751
Dance Of The Pixies - Dubstep!142322417
Danny McCarthy - Silver Scrapes (Dubstep)452363327
Death Dubstep156233238
Deck the dubstep! [ROBLOX CHRISTMAS AUDIO]138401611
Diamond Eyes - Monsters [DUBSTEP]172468403
Different Heaven - Pentakill [Dubstep] [HQ]193702811
DJ Devil India - The Funk Beast (Dubstep Techno)151042447
DOCTOR VOX - Sub Warriors [Dubstep]199776280
Dont Burn Me Down *DUBSTEP*168660735
DONT BUY142376388
Dr. Ozi - Carnivalstep VIP [Dubstep] [VERY LQ]143061086
Dr. Rob0tnik - Perfect Cell Theme Dubstep Remix322491923
Dreamer - Dubstep (Full song)153958376
Drop it Dubstep166190063
Drum n bass dubstep249474909
Dubba Jonny - VIP Dubstep Tutorial (Clean)143374313
Dubstep - A World of Peace138089845
Dubstep - Bananonymous142510541
Dubstep - Beautiful Light133969520
Dubstep - Black Magic144554330
Dubstep - Bullet Train139332723
Dubstep - Bullet Train187197902
Dubstep - Bullseye136572767
Dubstep - Coyote Kisses - Stay With You142846742
Dubstep - DM Galaxy - Alive143585914
Dubstep - Feel the energy142376316
Dubstep - Fox Stevenson - Trigger142846662
Dubstep - I really dont know what to call it.136733139
Dubstep - Imma Try it Out131389245
Dubstep - Immediate Death by Decibels290173621
Dubstep - LaRoux131314532
Dubstep - Living Room162686324
Dubstep - Nice Beaver [DUB ZERO]150515037
Dubstep - Retro City131393483
Dubstep - Retro City (Epic Drop)133970259
Dubstep - Smash It - Looped 30+ Sales!156854827
Dubstep - Triumph157067892
Dubstep - Ukf Tutorial144555174
Dubstep - Unstable(Drumstep)180646479
Dubstep (From LiveLoops) by GarageBand404376582
Dubstep _ SON!X - United253973578
dubstep askdkksdksjkj348475087
DUBSTEP Astronaut - Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix)176891011
Dubstep Bensound336271842
DUBSTEP Blaze - Aspiration166247133
DUBSTEP Blaze - Aspiration Remix EP176005395
Dubstep- Crave You166406119
Dubstep Dishwasher163667150
Dubstep Drop [Underground]142693627
DUBSTEP Fedde Le Grand & DI-RECT - Where We Belong210823227
Dubstep For My Intro165053397
Dubstep GangnamStyle 2 minutes142645995
Dubstep Gun Sound- Saints Row 4 [DESC.]130768080
Dubstep Horrizon162808069
Dubstep Kid - Pins and Needles (2:00)246357015
DUBSTEP Lisa Rowe - Black Light (VR Remix)261819409
Dubstep Loop170602534
Dubstep Loop181240874
DUBSTEP Man chocolate (dubstep remix)180221038
DUBSTEP Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Nero Remix)298556610
Dubstep Mix155883140
Dubstep Mix (100 takes!)146306531
Dubstep Mix (170+ Takes!)138084661
DUBSTEP ORIGINAL FREE TO USE: Hymn of Obscurity144318223
Dubstep Puffle132023981
Dubstep Rage Loop142352159
Dubstep Reappear 2 minutes142652250
Dubstep Remix [26k+]130762736
Dubstep Remix 1 [Loops]244466802
Dubstep Sound274936303
DUBSTEP Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix)179271234
Dubstep Stuff (Tell song in comments)238921799
Dubstep Violin165000427
DUBSTEP Virtual Riot - Blackout177242690
Dubstep! [Description Updated]138203240
Dubstep: Urbanstep - Shut Your Mouth160236509
Dubstep: Wub Wub Wub ULTRA142954686
DubstepGutter - Whisker1008705240
Dungeon (Lemongrab Dubstep)176333665
DVBBS - We Are Electric [Dubstep]155319671
EH!DE & SIDEPROJECT - Shots Fires dubstep296364588
Ekos Dubstep Theme133673828
Eleventh Step (I am The Doctor Dubstep)285841588
Eliminate - Red Light [-//DUBSTEP\\-] Part 1150376024
Eliminate - Red Light [-//DUBSTEP\\-] Part 2150376088
epic dubstep138106374
Epic Dubstep [Doesnt work for some reason]145902292
Epic Dubstep | Savant-Sledgehammer166620700
Epic Dubstep drop FULL144249596
Epic dubstep drop FULL VERSION ON DESC!138144320
Epic Dubstep Thing!! - Tears Of Steel CC-BY-ND150006040
Epic Dubstep!180836279
Epic Dubstep! :D152350308
Eptic - Gun Finga (dubstep) 2min144721250
Error Dubstep489224258
Evilwave - Silence [Dubstep] [HQ]190279400
Excision - Codename X [Dubstep] [HQ]212280962
Excision Dubstep Synth Loop138147564
Exodia - Black Ops Zombie (Dubstep Remix)366539540
F N A F Dubstep241640252
F.N.A.F Dubstep by PUNYASO316922286
Fade [Dubstep Remix]142309560
Fairy Dubstep396084471
Far away from home (dubstep) 2min150286926
Far Too Loud - Firestorm (Karetus Remix) [Dubstep]356577111
Female Vocal - Chillstep Dubstep149023472
Five Nights At Freddys Dubstep197827683
Flinch - When I-m Gone dubstep185919141
Flinch when im gone dubstep185932267
Flytch - Earthquake (Dubstep)139472669
[email protected] DUBSTEP356990169
Fonik - Wompa [Dubstep 120s 128kbps]202148828
Forest Maze Dubstep Remix257451166
Foxsky - Kirby Smash (Epic Dubstep)283369737
Full Dubstep Ampersand207880598
Gangnam Style (Dubstep Remix)(LONGER)144334729
Gerudo Valley Dubstep330125226
Gerudo Valley Dubstep Remix - Ephixa156947313
get low dubstep197431721
Getter - Dubstep Is Dead [Dubstep] [LQ] [Censored]237580959
Goosebumps Theme Song (DOHL Dubstep Remix) Part 1181457691
Gorillaz - Melancholy Hill (Dubstep remix)313657927
Guess the Dubstep130788529
Guile Dubstep Theme (1)162234669
Guile Dubstep Theme (2)162234706
Gun Dubstep145436669
GUTTS RIKE- Rave Dubstep Techno140981826
Halo 4 Dubstep Rap - Beast Mode On - TEAMHEADKICK226234264
Hardcore Brutal Dubstep «200 TAKES!»131560908
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Otik Dubstep remix)246495880
Harlem Shake - Dubstep Remix142313816
Hatsune Miku ~ Dubstep (Saido6pac Remix)182405888
Haunted (Dubstep)233335412
Heart Anthem (Cryptex Remix) Dubstep469772626
Heavy Dubstep150097105
Heavy Dubstep436384444
hot dubstep174074754
HowToBasic - Dubstep186056145
Hyper Dubstep [ Favourite! ]184156577
I cant stop dubstep142315934
I Knew You Were Trouble - Codeko Dubstep Remix138091788
I love dubstep (Remix)223893563
I need your love jacob plant remix (Dubstep)142565285
Illuminati Dubstep Remix356259196
IM CATBUG - DUBSTEP REMIX [300+ Takes]149672967
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Synchronice Dubstep381124703
ImmortalHD Dubstep149849867
In The End - Linkin Park (Raylo Dubstep Remix)346295637
Introstalge - Catalyst [Dubstep] [HQ]203848502
Its a me WARIO! - Dubstep195018187
Katy Perry - E.T (Dubstep Remix)286710457
Katy Perry - E.T. (Klaypex Dubstep Remix)194500720
KDrew - Circles [Dubstep]244028090
KDrew - Circles [Dubstep]345058348
KDrew - Lost [Dubstep]345715445
keep it up(custom house/dubstep)244879121
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools Dubstep306329722
Kirby Dubstep157345961
Klaypex - Dubstep Guns252565759
Klaypex - Ready to Go (Dubstep)131397064
Knife Party - Boss Mode [Dubstep] (Part 1)174981750
Knife Party - Fire Hive (Dubstep)131886771
Knife party-LRAD [ELETRICOM DUBSTEP]152304059
Krewella - Alive (Stephen Swartz Remix) [DUBSTEP]227430026
Krusty crab pizza (dubstep remix)182947797
LabRat - Beastmode [Dubstep]197858177
Latch - Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith (Dubstep Remix)161796991
Lavender Town Dubstep207209643
Lavender Town Theme Dubstep197829404
Legend of Zelda - Lost Woods (Dubstep)160570164
Legend of Zelda Song of Storms Dubstep213731051
Legendary Kirby Dubstep Rap [Zach Boucher]382483264
Leslie Wai - Paradigm (Dubstep)...361337857
Let It Go (Dubstep Edition)172852449
Levels Dubstep176368060
Light Up The Sky [Dubstep]237849663
Lost On The Moon (Dubstep Remix)149986822
Lost Woods Dubstep [100 TAKES!!!]135646205
Lost Woods Dubstep Remix181761264
Loud Dubstep Wobbles344240025
MainDirectoryTechnical_Dificulties P1 (Dubstep)155599174
Saints Row IV - Dubstep Gun (Industrial)131538164
Saints Row IV (4) - Dubstep Gun (Pop Star)437615054
Saints Row IV [Menu Theme]206059929
Saints Row IV Dubstep Gun Part 2145968847
Rusko Dubstep (TRAP/TECHNO)131438245
Running in the 90s (Hardcore dubstep)665751753
Roblox Dubstep322290341
Rising(Heavy Dubstep)131321256
Riggi & Piros - Hands Up (Dubstep)444945854
Rexonas Intro Dubstep142232356
Retro Dubstep299695123
Razihel - Skybreaker [Dubstep]180172688
Random Dubstep-144619683
Queen - We will rock you Remix Dubstep (Mad maestr331935488
Pyano Moosic (Dubstep Edit)386460898
Zombies Dubstep Loopable156453197
Zombie Dubstep (thanks for 200 takes!!!) Zombstep154786522
Zelda Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix - Ephixa Part 2149387941
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll [Dubstep]168420902
xKore - Beast Mode (Dubstep)329574631
Winter Is Coming - By Felxprod [Dubstep]167100397
What dubstep sounds like to your parents254957534
Welcome to the circus Dubstep247784620
We Go Down - Krewella [DUBSTEP]140829718
We Are Number One (Dubstep Remix)626991389
We Are Number One (Dubstep Remix)618728418
This Game feat. IA - Dubstep344806070
This Game feat. IA - Dubstep [ dj-Jo Remix ]170298522

Roblox Panda Music Codes List

Song NameSong ID
Meek Mill Panda446502787
Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear - Doin it Right323450685
Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear - Doin it Right (Offic253909077
Dc Young Fly - Panda (Remix)415507850
Designer x Panda [BASS BOOSTED] [LOUD]395685389
Desiigner - Panda ([email protected] host by DJ Xanderab384247691
Desiigner - Panda (SpongeBob Remix) - 200 SALES!444147765
Desiigner - Panda *LOUDER*401059459
Desiigner - Panda [1500+ TAKES!!!]410369043
Desiigner - Panda [8 BIT VERSION]426284282
Desiigner - Panda [FULL VERSION]556830900
Desiigner - Panda [LOUD] [EXTREME]464707307
Desiigner- Panda401120618
Desiigner- Panda (BASS BOOSTED) 398 takes!!!392913726
Desiigner- Panda [Loud n clear] REQUESTS (Desc)401724474
Desiigner x Outlet581200029
Desiigner. - Panda. (Clean)889864359
Desiigner-Panda CLEAN410166982
Ephixa - Space Panda (ft. Cidi) (Original464072677
Futuristic - Panda Remix434369582
Gumi - Panda Hero264815185
Hanamaru Kindergarten - Panda Neko180564317
Highscore - Teminite and Panda eyes211550033
Highscore - Teminite and Panda eyes257664565
Imagine Dragons - Demons (White Panda Remix)272252873
Itro - Panda201573748
Kung Fu Panda - Legends of Awesomeness302944880
Montana of 300 - Panda (Remix)424435602
MOOSE - Minecraft Parody of Panda - MINS669457443
MOOSE - Minecraft Parody of Panda by Desiigner629973243
Naughty Boy - La La La (The White Panda Remix)314833585
Ode To Panda617205546
Panda - Desiigner - CLEAN445943699
Panda + Fitnessgram Pacer Test444243188
Panda Boy - iPhone Marimba Mix :-)186414096
Panda but with the Roblox death sound697942882
Panda But With The Roblox Death Sound742922056
Panda Eyes - **** Off [Censored] [Trapstep] [HQ]200167011
Panda Eyes - Colorblind262402387
Panda Eyes - Colorblind [FULL]929330882
Panda Eyes - Colorblind【EDM】790661474
Panda Eyes - High Score (short edit) 120 sec.345174991
Panda Eyes - ILY321703128
Panda Eyes - KIKO219611297
Panda Eyes - Nightrush412323451
Panda Eyes - The Lights437866677
Panda Eyes & Datphoria - Keep Going ft. COZY (Cond401113935
Panda Eyes & Shivaji - Aurora429644445
Panda Eyes & Teminite - High Score261615415
Panda Eyes & Teminite - High Score189195901
Panda Eyes & Teminite - Highscore【Glitch Hop】243638932
Panda Eyes & Teminite - Immortal Flame317808056
Panda Eyes & Terminite - High Score476880061
Panda Eyes and Teminite - High Score197962839
Panda Eyes -Boss Level (Drop)418122742
Panda Eyes X DatPhoria x Cozy Keep Going (EH!DE Re368483275
Panda Hero {Hetaloid}154270079
PANDA PARODY - Desiigner495511847
Panda Spongebob Parody (Remix) [60 Solds]450458006
Panda! At the Disco430272527
Pokemon GO (Panda Parody)468977461
Rationale - Fuel To The Fire (The White Panda Remi404420802
Rationale - Fuel To The Fire (White Panda Remix)404425355
Sacred Pool of Tears - Kung Fu Panda OST281709531
SML jeffy sings panda kinda894219954
Spongebob Panda Remix441774271
Teminite & Panda Eyes - Highscore (
Teminite Panda Eyes - Highscore945264562
The White Panda - Cooler than Latch151163829
The White Panda - Flashtomania170759000
The White Panda - Glad Youre Resurrected170714502
The White Panda - I Will Dance151463616
The White Panda - La La La170714675
The White Panda - Roses172284295
The White Panda - Tremble170714692
Virtual Riot & Panda Eyes - Superhero【Dubstep】265572758
ZAYN - LIKE I WOULD (The White Panda Remix)413868182
Miku-tan [2011] [ENGLISH] Panda Hero224234536
Avatar The Last Airbender - Panda Lily343501928
Baby Panda sneeze138084235
Cyber Panda - Chronic Crew182322328
Fire in the Sky (Panda Kings Theme)161239851
Imagine Dragons - Demons (White Panda Remix) OLD265967588
Krusty Crab - Panda Parody488372092
Lonemoon - Panda Spots (ft. blankts)433731767
Montana of 300 - Panda [Remix]494279452
Panda Bear - Crosswords361756298
Panda Eyes - Artificial416738042
Panda Eyes - Nostalgia 64422857833
Panda Eyes - The Lights443932126
Panda eyes & Ehide - Hype341529056
Panda Eyes & Shivaji - Aurora (Best)429455250
Panda Eyes & Teminite - High Score262655583
Panda Eyes & Teminite - Immortal Flame part 2490266253
Panda Eyes and Alpha Noize - Cadillac382700983
Panda Eyes ft Datphoria -Keep Going [Ablaze Remix]262062600
Panda eyes part 1490261432
POWERS - Beat Of My Drum (The White Panda Remix)321701511
Spag Heddy x Panda Eyes - Nafta423982445
The White Panda - Go!170714564
The White Panda - Hide & Seek170714665
The White Panda - Midnight Life465574246
The White Panda - Perfectly Bulletproof151129682
The White Panda - Push With Me151146091
The White Panda - Reasonably Safe151125640
Tribal - Panda Bear453957670
Virtual Riot & Panda Eyes - Superheroes P1259290667
Virtual Riot & Panda Eyes - Superheroes P2259290839
Walk The Moon - Shut Up And Dance(The White Panda)450195373
ZAYN - LIKE I WOULD (The White Panda Remix) 1428715690
ZAYN - LIKE I WOULD (The White Panda Remix) 2428715792

Roblox Loud Music Codes List

Song NameSong ID
(Japanese) Candy.mp3 (LOUD)492266680
(Japanese) Pancakes (Loud)464748828
(LOUD!!!) House of Ill Repute-Gutter Brothers439241768
(LOUD) ALEINS! (Agamemnon Counterpart)462287940
(LOUD) Aloha Bikini Bottom419255249
(LOUD) ASGORE415227476
(LOUD) Bikini Bottom Bounds419810366
(LOUD) Bill The Science Guy Theme Song318733059
(LOUD) Earth, Wind & Fire September 367383417
(loud) get hyper481143906
(LOUD) Its Raining Tix Remix405835873
(LOUD) JacksVoltex JACKSCHALLENGE [YTPMV]346276464
(LOUD) Looks Like Someones Having a Bad Dream.mp3438272417
(LOUD)Big Eds March419813689
(LOUD)Buri Hamachi438638426
(loud)Rain N Something-The Cosmic BangerZ498793399
(LOUD)Salty Squid jig404698306
(LOUD)The Rake Hornpipe419814207
(LOUD)Tripping Upstairs415562126
(LOUD)Vsauce music751777958
(REALLY REALLY LOUD)Google Annoying Ad Music915094639
*400+ takes!* [LOUD] ORCHESTRA.mp3 [READ DESC!!!]232227682
*500+ TAKES* [LOUD] WHEELSONTHEBUS.mp3232113850
*7 Seconds* Let the Sparks Fly Intro133080483
*7 Seconds* Shinedown Bully Chorus133777252
*800+ takes!* [LOUD] GRENADIERS.mp3232166761
*LOUD* silent night recorder432739893
*LOUD* TF2 The Heavy song649451710
Jacob Sartorius Sweatshirt Loud462340396
[Cringe] The Amiibo Show LOUD404708491
[LOUD] darude sandstorm 100+ Takes!352551320
[LOUD] Disco Girl Baba360723992
[LOUD] Gesaffelstein - OPR318437386
[LOUD] iamthekidyouknowwhatimean - Run (30 takes)296340052
[LOUD] Let it go 400+ TAKES277253547
[LOUD] Light Club - Fahkeet (w0000w 10 takes!!!)277952130
[LOUD] Mariah Carey-All I Want For Christmas571918501
[Loud] Minecraft Nerd450172940
[LOUD] Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit366027587
[LOUD] Poison Eye - Devil Strength261075185
[LOUD] Russian Hard Bass1008192821
[LOUD] The Lamby Lamby Dance360630607
[LOUD] ToysInJapan - 5 Little Monkeys664975661
[LOUD] TUNAKTUNAK.wav242640093
[LOUD] Varien - Valkyrie BASS DROP505922666
[LOUD] Waterflame - Jumper (DJ SCATT3R REMIX)292325032
[Vinesauce] Joel - Jojo Duwang Dub (LOUD)412846761
[WARNING: LOUD] Creepy Noises545407979
{ YTP LOUD } Your Hard Drive is Sick381929175
21 Savage - OH OK [LOUD BASS] [CLEAN]408907575
2Fast2Furious-Ludacris-Act A Fool(LOUD ASF)444784297
7 years old LOUD400039398
A Beautiful Loud Song269673344
A Boogie - My .... [Loud]453915070
A kid... named Leandro Roxas (Loud)365594004
A Loud Annoying Sound390955142
A loud cloaker907679947
A man enjoying his corn flakes (LOUD)397507267
A Real Human Bean LOUD389500667
a very loud frog200719953
A very loud screeching noise515199091
Shawn Wasabi - Burnt Rice [LOUD] [BASS BOOSTED]416255993
ADELE - Skyfall [LOUD]386318643
Ainsley Harriott Rub Your Meat [LOUD]321613370
Alan Walker - Faded Loud444413021
All Alone by Blind Witness (LOUD VERSION)392893347
All Star-LOUD Version619804451
Allahu Akbar (LOUD)424614632
ALLAHU AKBAR (Somewhat Loud)386984889
Animals by Martin Garrix (LOUD)468605512
Annoying Girly Scream (LOUD)296270144
Annoying Lil Wayne Loop (LOUD)335049071
Annoying Lil Wayne Loop (LOUD)335049071
Annoying Loud Frog Scream302033997
Annoying Screech (VERY LOUD)444483839
Ariana Grande - Dangerous Loud Woman ;)433400045
Astronaut & Far Too Loud - War183661172
Astronaut & Far Too Loud - War (Diskord Remix)226771837
At the Speed of Loud365708629
Autopilot - Make a Sound WARNING LOUD406542673
ayy lamo loud433260334
Bad Boys LOUD!429264655
Bandit Marco - Nasty [CLEAN] [LOUD]404821636
Barely Alive - Poison Dart (LOUD EDITION)413126893
Bars of Clout Instrumental BASS BOOSTED (LOUD)!335635576
bass boosted dubstep (LOUD)245607015
Best of Ainsley Harriott [LOUD]382042209
Best professional national anthem sawng loud357863265
Big Pun - Beware [LOUD]439386719
BILL NYE (LOUD)359623286
Billy Mays -- Big City Sliderz LOUD370071472
Bionic Jive - Freaks (LOUD)346217662
BL Unit loud horn377675518
Bleach Enters The Room [Loud]507784154
Blue (KNY Factory Remix) [Loud]452349028
Bob Marley - One Love [Loud]463895852
Bon Jovi - Its My Life (LOUD)387328513
Bonetrousle (Underswap Remix LOUD) [100 TAKES!]405562820
Bonetrousle VERY LOUD445180082
Breathe Carolina: Hit And Run [LOUD]202606254
British National Anthem (Loud)843046235
Build Our Machine (LOUD)841280681
Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire (Loud)319104195
but WHO is the purpel guy//?? (LOUD)280199888
Buzzer (LOUD)292383902
Caillou Theme Song Loud Version253967832
caution: LOUD MUSIC281702063
Cheeki Breeki (Loud) 600+ (sizzle burger popular)260660446
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem (loud)967984830
Chicken / Telamon song LOUD703597239
Chicken song - [Geco Remix] LOUD924138901
CHP Yelp (LOUD)386179883
Chris Brown Ft. Tyga - Girl You Loud278913755
Cinematic Loop (LOUD)296267748
Clean Bandit - Real Love (LOUD)442427005
Colonel Loud - California (Clean)428615631
Colonel Loud - California ft. Young Dolph & Ricco378781176
Cooking By The Book - LOUD356501496
CORY IN THE HOUSE [loud]264409463
Crack Head Kid - Screaming Trouble (LOUD)363934170
Crazy Train (Loud?)445617010
Crying Baby (LOUD)331314679
CSGO Main menu theme LOUD526781690
D.R.A.M. - Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty [LOUD BASS]462759155
Dat Boi [LOUD] 2000+ Sales412559796
Trump LOUD 1K+ SALES🔥333139186
(LOUD Russian RAP)501889590
Daler Mehndi - Ho Jayegi Balle Balle [LOUD]302679949
dance till youre dead ( loud )970111053
danish troll song *Loud833822252
Darude - Feel the Beat (LOUD)347650334
Death by Glamour LOUD413159234
Deaths Island - Baby Bee Gees Fight [LOUD]437966915
Deathstones from Breakrock [LOUD]437960010
DEDOTADED WAM Skrillex Remix (LOUD)296275689
Designer x Panda [BASS BOOSTED] [LOUD]395685389
Desiigner - Panda [LOUD] [EXTREME]464707307
Desiigner- Panda [Loud n clear] REQUESTS (Desc)401724474
Diesel Engine Idle (Careful loud)198172343
DJ Khaled For Free (Feat. Drake) (LOUD)483960316
DNCE - Toothbrush LOUD419335749
Do The Mario!!! (LOUD)929886753
Doctor Who - 1969 LOUD344296759
Donkey Kong Final Boss (Loud)405554784
Dora - We Did IT! LOUD370044707
Drowning Pool - Bodies Really loud497168790
Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Sigma Remix) [LOUD420133993
Dummy! [LOUD 2.0]328232654
Dummy! [LOUD 3.0]328537017
DUNKEY NO [LOUD]282701868
DVBBS & Borgeous - TSUNAMI (LOUD)399998586
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud237146631
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)217383677
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Stryv Remix)487115012
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [800+ !]196873160
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Audio]163590440
Eiffel 65- Blue (KNY Factory Remix)-LOUD400379926
Elmos World But Its Like Really Loud And Annoyi619836002
Elmos World LOUD extra ear sauce370367353
Emerald Hill (LOUD)405518720
Encounter (Loud)441507999
england is my city [loud]912540712
EnV Heaven LOUD205482928
Enya Only Time (Loud)395580552
Epic battle theme loud (Kirby Return to Dreamland)487185273
Excision & Skism - Far Too Loud Remix153057872
Eye of the Spider [Loud Version]333361404
Fade- Alan Walker(Loud)397784170
Far Too Loud - Drop the Bomb286539452
Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light277880754
Far Too Loud - Firestorm228329022
Far Too Loud - Firestorm (Karetus Remix) [Dubstep]356577111
Far Too Loud - Lightbringer160421040
Far Too Loud - Trailmixing187475810
Farin Urlaub - Ok [ORIGINAL] (LOUD)390597269
Farin Urlaub - Ok [ORIGINAL] (LOUD)390597269
Fart Flavoured Chalk (LOUD)288611529
Fast N Loud- Tatanka254764345
Federal Signal Wail/Yelp/Hi-Lo/In-Between (LOUD)161607066
Federal-Q Siern [Loud]502376715
Fetty Wap - 679 (Loud)305213359
Fire Alarm [LOUD]429406046
Fire FLIES - OWL CITY LOUD932528496
fireflies loud998116601
Five more hours LOUD399759860
[email protected] 3 Scream [LOUD]279421008
Fortunate Bass (Warning: Distorted and Loud!!!)492094962
FR E SH A VOCA DO [LOUD]395729107
Frank - I Am Beautiful Song (LOUD)313256495
Freedom Kids Sing about Trump (LOUD)344240973
Fresh Prince of Windows XP (LOUD) 300+ Takes!!397139497
FUS RO DAH [LOUD!!!!]168892708
Gama, Alby Loud , Mighty Frank - Brazuka319116263
Gary Jules - Mad World Loud283204792
Garys Song (LOUD)492895068
George Lopez Theme (LOUD) (100 takes for this?)385965237
george lopez theme (lowrider) LOUD405221055
Ghostbusters Theme Song [LOUD]313469808
GIUSEPPES [loud bass]448200538
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy DISTORTED & LOUDLY LOUD454788280
Goku transforming into a ssj3 (HD quality) (LOUD)500516120
Goofy Goober (Quiet, then super loud) 427802096
Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer [Loud]323153192
GTA San Andreas CJ rap[LOUD]401692866
GTA San Andreas Opening Earrape Edition (Loud)467308146
Gundam Opening 3 Fav song! <3 Loud336740571
Guru Josh Project - Infinity (2008) LOUD EDITION275834662
Gutter Brothers - House Of Ill Repute (Loud Troll)272364906
Halsey - Gasoline [V LOUD] - PaperHusky325327603
Hamsterdance (LOUD)458222327
HARDCORE RAGGAE MIDI [loud]255079448
He was this loud330712655
Hellberg - The Girl [loud] - PaperHusky328679021
Hellberg - The Girl REMIX [loud] - PaperHusky328686957
Hetalia Marukaite Chikyuu (LOUD)324789749
Hi Welcome to Chilis Loud.653003496
Hips Dont Lie- Shakira feat. Wyclef Not very loud146082907
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani (LOUD)407489436
Hopes And Dreams - Undertale LOUD403443405
Hopes and Dreams LOUD389992380
Horn (LOUD)401117743
hotel mario dankness (loud and cancerous)579287600
How Could This Happen To Me (loud)604796265
I BELIEVE YOU CAN COOK -=Loud=-347613350
I have a bad case of diarrhea LOUD949177374
I want to be your LOUD lady baby ;)477159645
I.S.I.S STEP (LOUD)329653247
icarly loud [hot]381856435
Ich hasse es eine hören jodeln (LOUD)401445860
iDubbbz - I Have Crippling Depression [LOUD]573571336
Illuminati [ LOUD ]984439735
Im 3.0 and I know it (LOUD)366906156
Im a Barbie Girl (LOUD) 400+ sales! ;D408931060
Im In The Zone (LOUD)349174774
Im Rick Harrison [LOUD]482683318
infinity loud979032833
Initial D - Deja Vu Very loud723684779
Irish music LOUD [800+ takes]227549167
it just works (somewhat loud but not really)481584330
Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt (Loud) *3000+ Takes*429409277
Jacob Sartorius - Hit or miss (LOUD)489160230
JEMY NUTRON [loud]392753576
Jeoparady Thinking Theme (LOUD)432324299
jeopardy think music (loud)614363008
Jimmy Neutron Theme (LOUD)492194399
Jingle Bells LOUD358120202
John Cena Theme (Loud Version) (
JonBlebe Loud380105611
Jurassic Park theme on recorder(LOUD)319321619
Justin Beiber - Baby (LOUD)247255833
Justin Bieber Love Yourself LOUD429229577
K Camp - Money Baby (LOUD)442429157
KANA-BOON - Silhouette (Loud?)477449964
KANA-BOON - Silhouette [Loud]535674620
Kappa (LOUD)392606649
Kazakhstan Anthem REALL LOUD EAR EXPLODER804267452
KEEP THE TICKETS! [screaming kid loud v2]382795033
Kevin Gates - 2 Phones [Loud n clear]401765547
Kevin Gates - Really Really (LOUD)477119344
Kevin Gates - Really Really [Loud n clear]401388257
Keyboard Cat [LOUD]675386228
Keyboard Cat Loud422786519
KFC Fried Chicken [LOUD]644263651
Kid Singing Universal LOUD VERSION567133010
Killer Loud957970594
Knife Party - Bonfire LOUD!249700473
Knn loud ;)826520353
Korn - Chi (A bit loud) Comments enabled372989126
KPOP Sugar RUSH!!! From wreck it ralph LOUD368143536
L4D Louis Death Screams Loud285114883
LA Capone x SO LOUD230825674
Lavender Town [LOUD]377268591
lenka - blue skies // loud399314907
Let it go parody by Oney N Psychicpebbles (LOUD)305234447
Levan Polkka LOUD447168093
Lil B - B---H Doing 30 (LOUD) *Troll Edition*277393026
Lil Uzi Vert - Buy It [CLEAN LOUD]488551195
Lil Uzi Vert - Cartier (loud)605655333
Lil Wayne norrhea [LOUD BASS] [CLEAN]406119494
Linkin Park - Forgotten (LOUD)346216137
Living Tombstones- I Got No Time LOUD435580291
Lloyd - Tru (CLEAN LOUD)505210406
Looping Nails on Chalkboard (LOUD)265118938
Los Angeles Nuclear Attack (Fake Alarm LOUD)432893876
Lost Woods (LOUD)405554904
Loud - Thoughts652857160
Loud - Thoughts479906579
Loud :D265172420
Loud Anime Music803592504
Loud Annoying Alarm177963551
Loud Annoying Sound404229304
loud arabic music268181666
Loud audio302563426
LOUD AUDIO366983090
Loud Audio: Dummy! [30 SALES YEYE]328221091
loud baba814603880
Loud Banana347767166
Loud Barn owl Screech295093677
Loud Bass Boost Song670862930
LOUD Best Way To Make Your Ears Hurt459888943
Loud Chiptune Music332370695
Loud Dubstep Wobbles344240025
Loud Fly Buzzing Noise315813263
Loud Generator Noise317046126
loud glitch530591527
Loud GTA V Police Siren165871116
Loud Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dead Ears ;)433399302
LOUD harry potter theme559230421
Loud Heart Attack257361333
Loud house theme full481771846
loud ievan polkka362424072
loud indian dance competition372622212
loud indian music257287435
loud jazz music401782790
Loud Kid Plays Club Pengiun335816974
loud lion king music278271545
LOUD Looping Battle Ambience141093697
Loud Memes362322951
Loud Metro385705586
Loud Military Wakeup Call304693558
Loud Montage358094998
loud music642552825
LOUD MUSIC482385459
Loud Music Fail362273350
LOUD MUSIC-Minecraft edition741123795
loud opposing force474034946
loud orchestra259553656
Loud Pipes - Ratatat (feat. Dan Avidan)255692756
Loud Random Screams311074955
loud rat squeaking329599367
Loud ricer sound.597187578
loud russian music473352929
Loud scary noises255002484
Loud Screaming Guy399552982
loud screeching and yelling beat378471238
LOUD SHRIEK233293323
loud smash402784793
Loud Spongebob407399093
Loud Squeaky Duck Toy299590596
loud startup925954536
loud tem326396715
loud thunder130818250
loud tribal music333354249
LOUD WARNING!460112630
loud wavs348285290
Loud Whisper404268999
Lukas Graham - 7 Years [ Slightly LOUD]401566709
Mambo Number 5 (Working) [LOUD]412029878
Mannrobics LOUD408441868
Mark Thomas Selfie (Loud)441121730
Me Singing Hit or miss (LOUD) ~ Hoodieblackninja481274700
Megalo Strike Back LOUD384598104
Megalovania - Undertale LOUD403443112
melanie martinez - dollhouse (loud)347880570
Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse (Loud?)474999859
Meow (LOUD)346936465
Metal Crusher (LOUD)377881890
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song (LOUD)520437561
Mickey Mouses Very Loud Clubhouse454481365
Microsoft Windows Song - Town (LOUD)332674046
Migos Ken Nyugen [Clean] [Bass Boosted] Semi-Loud390890438
Miley Cyrus- Party In The U.S.A (LOUD)447191528
Milkshakes (LOUD)299062008
Miranda Sings - Thinking Out Loud225091511
Mister Rogers Neighboorhod (Loud) [SHS]316230880
Mlg can can (LOUD!)382170094
MLG LOUD Pirates Of The Caribbean REMIX295199397
MLG Sonic (LOUD AND DISTORTED)442082192 (SEMI LOUD)283738746
mmm whatcha say (loud)381340724
Monsters Inc Theme LOUD892600967
Montana of 300 x Holy Ghost [BASS] [A Little Loud]399223622
Mountain Man Town [LOUD]392823902
Ms New Booty *Loud*453959379
My Heart Will Go On - Recorder - Loud433324866
my theme loud V2 (storyshift)437411602
naruto.exe (LOUD NARUTO THEME)429631711
NEIN NEIN NEIN [LOUD] Remix396985540
Nelly - Just A Dream (LOUD)379932415
NES Ducktales Moon Theme (Loud)405557225
Nickelback - Photograph (LOUD)438004989
Nightcore - I Like It Loud218537696
North Korean National Anthem (LOUD)344834236
Not Loud721337950
Now Watch Me Whip LOUD!!!!!!293693951
Nuclear Alarm [LOUD]459896412
Nyan Cat - Loud260584729
Nyeh Heh Heh LOUD363388518
og super saiyan loud299036312
OH YAH - Loud.479859882
Ok guys lets do some dancing! (Loud Version)404754730
OMFG - I Love You LOUD251042307
OneRepublic - Counting Stars [LOUD]386322152
Online Social Hangout (LOUD)466467216
PACER Test [LOUD]349245854
Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke loud indian music707417159
Papa Roach - Broken Home (LOUD)346218515
Peel the Avacado LOUD370338875
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (Loud)534413324
Pirate101 Soundtrack: Monquista Combat Theme Loud232166774
piritz of d carbeen **WARNING VERY LOUD**319167758
play it LOUD!!11 (loud)179059417
Playstation 2 startup [LOUD]552966820
Pokemon GO Song - SUPER LOUD -487669235
pokemon go theme (loud)468054363
Pokemon Original Theme (Loud) [SHS]316901947
Police Siren. (Loud and Clear)886546185
Police Sirens (LOUD)271910286
Popee the Performer Opening [Loud]395128173
Post Malone - White Iverson [LOUD]397050611
prepare your ears (LOUD) (thank u for 200+ sells!)339400215
procession of the loud262138989
project lel (LOUD)296799361
Put The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson (LOUD)318544648
Pyrocynicals Laugh [LOUD]903615322
Ra Ra RasPutin loud899742157
Rain rain [LOUD]481585635
Raining Tacos LOUD250974269
Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway [Loud n Clear]445230228
reggie couz LOUD434992586
Remix 9 - Rhythm Heaven Fever (LOUD)433393487
Rhapsody - Trolls in the Dark (LOUD) 10+ SOLD!338441771
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Loud)287102725
Ridiculous Bass (LOUD)383716375
Rihanna- Ditch better have my money (LOUD AF)282248260
RIP Headphone Users (WARNING- LOUD SOUND)637932154
ripped pants - spongebob [LOUD]404382011
ROASTED ft. JOHN CENA [loud warning]342143572
roblox anthem loud627849509
Roblox Death Sound but its very loud617374768
ROBLOX Death Sound LOUD609158214
Roy Jones Jr - Cant Be Touched (LOUD)390080772
Runaway LOUD723791822
Running in the 90s LOUD723688773
Running man challenge loud!!416385309
Rush - Subdivisions (EXTREMELY LOUD)387340544
Russian Hardbass (LOUD)744391269
Sad Violin but its loud728669282
San Andreas (LOUD)412780371
Sanic [LOUD]217976249
sao - fight (loud)224284525
Scarce here (LOUD)506922264
Scatman John - Im The Scatman! (LOUD)306380428
Scooby Doo Theme Song (LOUD)506899138
Scooter - I Like It Loud142392912
Scream it Loud [Dubstep]222686023
Screaming girl and screaming kid VINE (LOUD)301780231
Screaming Stars - Bag Raiders (LOUD!!!)677900793
Seinfeld remix (LOUD AF)400662446
Seinfeld song MEGA LOUD383647157
Seinfeld Theme (Loud Edition)370475890
Sesame Street Theme (LOUD)430070815
Shieldhalls Whistle [LOUD]229702092
Shooting Stars (Loud)686577063
Shooting Stars LOUD 200+ TAKEN850168139
Showtek ft. We Are Loud - Booyah maxieeeee is cool300532896
Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson - Booya167674302
Shrek - I need a hero (Loud)886383586
Shrek <3234617068
SHREK AND DUNKEY SLAM JAM LOUD (400+ Takes?)278605812
Sia - Chandelier (Loud) Part 2260717023
Sia - Cheap Thrills <3 LOUD368146154
Silento - Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae) [LOUD!]326767534
Silento - Watch me, whip whip. (LOUD AS *******)290899389
Simple Minds- Dont You (Forget About Me) - LOUD282546912
Something Loud427365000
Soviet History to the Tetris Theme (Loud)277104939
space core (loud)411988210
Spear of Justice [LOUD]459889314
Spider Dance loud336377649
Spider Dance REMIXED LOUD480142093
Spineshank - New Disease (LOUD)346218231
SpongeBob - Name is John Cena (Loud) [SHS]315542237
SpongeBob - Name is John Cena (Loud) [SHS]315542237
Spongebob is loud & proud361242478
Spongebob Remix ~ LOUD305647305
Spongebob Squarepants- Jellyfishin song (LOUD)849575897
Spongebob Squarepants Theme loud318925857
Spooky Scary skilitonz (LOUD)290168092
spooky scary skrilletons [LOUD] [LAG MUSIC]221956383
Star Wars - Anakin Skywalker - I HATE YOU! (LOUD)424672901
Star Wars Theme (LOUD)345185031
Steppin on the beach Trap Remix LOUD407086433
Steven Universe Theme (LOUD)443351131
Stitches [Loud]366211668
Stomp LOUD980525732
Strawberry Shortcake LOUD330608921
Strike Back-No Game No Life [LOUD]271483755
Sucker for Pain (Loud)480541674
SuicideboyS ANTARCTICA (Loud)402911624
SUICIDEBOYS Paris (loud)652424823
super loud MLG xxChilDaaFaZEEExx aboose179035391
Super Mario 64 Jolly Roger Bay (LOUD)496136428
Super Mario 64 Title Theme [LOUD]391373253
Super Mario Scream (LOUD)442897621
super wahoo bros- overworld (WARNING! Loud)464578470
Supply Drop Reaction (LOUD)456843278
Supreme-Ny Mashup (Clean) (Loud)402901663
Supreme-NY Theme Song. prod.J Dilla (Loud)304236862
Tactical Nuke Sound (no loud sounds)767704927
TARDIS Vents (With droning) [LOUD]275641634
Team Fortress 2 - ROBOTS! LOUD.438647499
Telamon Chicken Song (NOT SO LOUD)429970449
Temmie shop loud340059559
the extremely loud element300528652
The Five Stars - Atom Bomb Baby Loud282547971
The Frederik - Torpedo (Far Too Loud Remix)277880543
The Fresh Prince of Bel-air MEGA LOUD VERSION383645537
the Hampsterdance Song (Loud) [1K SALES]322142861
The Living Tombstone - I Got No Time (Loud?)464399153
The Loud House Theme Song407987170
The Loud Nigra490622665
The mine song but it gets louder every mine [LOUD]585659256
The Most Annoying Sound In The World (LOUD)299166661
The Most Annoying Sound in the World WARNING: LOUD211389607
The Office Theme Song (Loud)889397884
The Sims 3 soundtrack - Grim Reaper theme (LOUD)289045899
The Sound of Silence (LOUD)434576210
the very loud 009 sound system381617635
The Weather Girls - Its Raining Men (Loud)303582935
this guy xmoaned at least this loud590005414
this is a loud audio and u like it.464735144
Thomas the Squek Engine (LOUD)288631295
Thomas the tank engine (Loud) [420+]239648695
TIME TO TIP THE SCALES [loud]392266643
Titanic (Bad Recorder) (LOUD)666042276
Tomsize & Simeon - Loud Strings189599428
Too Good - Drake ft. Rihanna (LOUD)427094673
TORP GURN (LOUD)335066400
Totally Not Loud Anime Music293019794
Travis Scott - A Team (Loud)389459292
Troll Song Remix (LOUD)314311828
twenty one pilots - Heathens (LOUD)502705341
Twitch Kid Accidentally Donates 200S (LOUD)436310871
Tyler The Creator Cherrybomb (LOUD)317106455
Undertale - Bonetrousle (LOUD)417052051
Undertale - Bonetrousle 100+ Sales! (Loud)379543178
Undertale - Megalovania (LOUD)481242019
Undertale - Power of neo (LOUD)412641111
Undertale- Spider Dance [LOUD]459891270
USMC Part two Hard Corps (Loud)216178784
Venga Boys - We like to party (LOUD)402093702
Verizon - A better prepaid (loud)436627444
Very Loud Beep899472110
Vitas - Opera 2 (Slightly Loud)448300301
vroom vroom! FAST CAR LOUD341739093
Waka Flocka - Young Money Brick Squad LOUD278711175
Wake Me Up Inside MEGA LOUD383649303
We are LOUD Number One | Lazytown609105101
We like to Loud343847898
Ween - Ocean Man (LOUD)383701702
Weird Al Yankovic - Fat(LOUD!)382174971
Weird Russian Singer [Loud]360013221
Welcome To Jurassic World On Recorder(LOUD)360048869
Well Meet Again VERY LOUD379548205
Whalers on the Moon (Loud)291751893
When the internet goes down (LOUD)328693385
When Worlds Collide (Loud Spongebob)280088034
Whistling Kettle Sound Effect (LOUD)276090445
WHO WANT LASAGNA (loud)318554643
Why you always lying (loud ig)336045121
Wii music LOUD (1000+ takes!)327953600
Wii Sports Theme loud (400+ takes!)452355115
Windows XP Startup LOUD!408514924
World of Warcraft Music - Lions Pride (LOUD)242230929
Worlds Loudest Yelling [WARNING EXTREMELY LOUD]482506304
Wrong Enemy!? - Undertale LOUD403433379
XS Project - Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser [LOUD VERSION] 347468659
XXXTENTACION - looking for a star (loud)807669205
Yeah Boy (slighty LOUD warning)479477505
Yodelling Franz LOUD391411472
Yoshis Wooly World (Chorus Extended Edit LOUD)499396244
YOU ARE A PIRATE! [LOUD] 800+ takes!227556160
Your Best Nightmare [Loud Edit]358468172
your grounded but its loud841845420
YouTube Anthem (LOUD WARNING)440578265
YTP is Art [and Loud ]356159406
[Loud] Levelengine Goes Insane!439665439
[Loud] Minecraft Nerd 2450166903
3rd Prototype & Lex Dave - Time (LOUD)261347130
ADRIANWAVE - Peach Beach (Troll)(Loud)413738515
Alessia Cara - Loud Things ;)432024835
Amazing Dubstep (LOUD)402332558
Badd Dimes & We Are Loud - Light it up234573028
Begging for life (Kinda loud)386222774
Best Of Catbug - LOUD484924155

To get to this segment, tap on the Library tab from inside your record’s Create page which is situated in the blue bar at the highest point of the site.

When you initially enter the Library, you will be given a rundown of new things. On the off chance that you need, you can mainly peruse the choices displayed to you, at the same time, on the off chance that you are searching for something specific;

you can seek by catchphrase or title utilizing the Search box at the highest point of the page. You can likewise peruse different classes using the menu on the left of the screen.

Once you’ve chosen the classification or utilized the Search bar, you can limit your hunt using material channels, for example, Type, Genre, and Creators.

What is Roblox Music ID?

Roblox codes for music are an enthralling and unique feature of Roblox studio which helps to create a great gaming environment. Roblox IDs are the code for soundtracks on your diversion.

While facilitating your own particular amusement on a server you as the proprietor of the deviation can make a playlist of music that everybody that plays your entertainment will hear out of sight.

Being able to add music to your games will make sure that you get the best experience.

For instance, you will require the code for the tune, Roblox calls this the IDS. Roblox IDS is the code for soundtracks on your diversion.

While facilitating your own particular amusement on a server you as the proprietor of the deviation can make a playlist of music that everybody that plays your entertainment will hear out of sight.

You can play music on Roblox by composing it or reordering the Roblox IDs from the sound library. You can seek them up on the web. Remember that you won’t have the capacity to transfer copyrighted music.

How you can redeem IDs:

To redeem the Roblox Music IDs and codes, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Sign In into your record.
  2. Go to the Game Card Redemption Page.
  3. Enter the PIN.
  4. Snap Redeem to add the credit to your file.
  5. Your adjusted music will have appeared in green after the words Your Balance.

Cost of Uploading Audio Files:

  • 20 Robux for 0-10 seconds
  • 35 Robux for 10-30 seconds
  • 70 Robux for 30 seconds-2 minutes
  • 350 Robux for 2-7 minutes

Now we will be discussing more details about Roblox Music Ids and different other information which are important as well.

Uses of Roblox Music Codes

So why do you need to incorporate all those latest music in your Roblox game? You must be wondering what the uses are right? Let us have a look at what are the top reasons for which Music IDs form an essential part.

1. Music Is Use To Concentrate And Think Better

Music can without much of a stretch to help you concentrate better on your game and enable you to utilize extra fixation abilities, you thought you never had.

The investigation, directed in 2007, by the Stanford University found that particularly fantastic music has this advantage. Music helps you to calm your mind and walk in a much better way.

When you are playing a game if for background music is being played, it makes your mind to think better and lets it concentrate more on the game and provide an immersive experience.

2. Music is Use To Think Innovatively

Being able to think innovatively, is always a sign of positivity and confidence. Music will surely help you feel that way. Music influences the mind, in discharging more dopamine, a hormone that enhances your disposition.

It helps to develop a brilliant atmosphere which is engaging and enjoyable to listen to at the same time. Good music to every game is an essential component.

So you start to think innovatively in a much better manner at the end of the day. The more innovation you bring to your game the more intense it becomes, and consequently, it becomes more popular.

3. Music is Use To Create The Atmosphere

For instance, tuning in to the music can enable you to see new things and get new thoughts. Each word in the tune is combined with a particular tone.

Whenever matched, they enact specific focuses in mind. Basically tuning in to the music will influence your cerebrum to grow crisp thoughts. It helps to develop the brilliant gaming atmosphere.

If you have an occupation that requests imagination now you comprehend what to do. Distinctive classes of music will have different properties in different games.

For instance, delicate and soft music is the most helpful for mysterious or arcade games. Overwhelming metal music is advantageous in action or fighting game.

4. Music is Use To Provide Feel To The Game

When you are visually playing a game, your mind tends to catch music which goes well with the theme and provides a more immersive experience.

Music offers a better feel to the game makes it more interesting to play and listen to. For example, when you are playing a spooky game, an eerie song will help you feel more about the ambience that is created.

So not only visuals but the music and sound of the game also take a game to a whole new level.

So here are the different types of uses of Roblox codes for music. All of the uses are very important, and every developer or development team makes sure that their games match by music which goes well with the overall theme of the game. Therefore Roblox Music codes are fundamental to game development.

How to Use Roblox Music Codes in Games?

Now that we have discussed the importance and uses of Music codes for Roblox, we will tell you how you to use Roblox Music codes in the various games you develop.

  1. Make sure that the music file which you are going to upload is in either of these two formats- mp3 or OGG. Any attempt to upload a format which is neither of these two will cause an error immediately.

  2.  Open the Roblox official website and log into your account or make one if you do not have an existing account.

  3. Now on the blue bar at the top of the screen click on the button saying Create, then click on audio. Your music library will open and select the song which you are willing to use.

  4. Once you have decided which song to upload, you will be requested to pay for the upload. Pay the price according to the length of the song.

  5. After the purchase has been verified. Your song will be uploaded immediately to the game in which you want to put it in.

  6. Once the song has been uploaded, you will be able to place the song or music anywhere in the game you are working on.

So these are the essential steps which you must know about for uploading any Roblox codes for music to the game you are developing. Always use music in your game which goes well with the game theme. If you neglect the importance of music, then you will surely be missing out on a big part of the Roblox game creation features. The steps are straightforward to follow, and you will be able to carry them out all by yourself.

Few Rules Regarding Music Codes

Roblox has dealt with the permitting for you, so you don’t need to stress over synchronization, ace utilizes, mechanical, and execution licenses.

Furthermore, you can use the more significant part of the Licensed Music beginning today. Here are some essential things to remember when utilizing the Licensed Roblox Music:

  • All the Licensed Music is in Studio Toolbox and is set apart as by Roblox.

  • You can utilize around 250 authorized tracks at any given moment in a solitary amusement on Roblox or while creating any game. These soundtracks are of different kinds and tones.

  • The Licensed Music must utilize in the Roblox stage and may not be download on any other platform without official permission.

  • For more itemized data, if it’s not too much trouble allude to Terms of Service of Roblox.

So here are some of the critical regulations that need to follow when you are planning to use Roblox music codes into your game.

Never violate any if the rules mentioned or else you can face a ban on the Roblox gaming platform. Music codes for Roblox can easily buy with the help of real money or Robux money that you have.

Wrapping It Up

As you read in this article that Roblox has been a brilliant platform for those who have been multiplayer gaming enthusiasts and want to develop an excellent game for the gamers.

Music codes for Roblox are an integral part of the whole process. The addition of music should not neglect. Because it preserves the best ambience in the game.

To make a game more immersive and impressive makeover, music plays a crucial role. So you must also be sure that you are capable of uploading music to the game and make it even more popular.

Music increases the overall feel, ambience and also the environment of the current game.