Top 10 Best Steam Skins of 2019 {UPDATED}

Best Steam Skins

Steam has arguably one of the biggest libraries of games, and that is the reason why it has millions of active users per month.

People usually invest a lot in gaming and the convenience of having all your games at one place even when you switch platforms is just like a blessing.

But the default skin of Steam becomes boring and dull after a time, and everyone wants to do something about it. In this article, we’re going to show you how to install Steam skins.

Steam skins have gain popularity in recent times, and there are many great options available out there.

But you have to be careful which skins to choose and from where do you have to install because there are a ton of malicious websites that want to infect your device and cause you harm.

We have you covered in this matter also, and we’re going to tell you about the most popular skins and also how to install these Steam skins.

In the first part of this article, we’re going to tell you how to download and install Steam skins. You have a clear idea of how to do stuff.

Once we’re done with that, we’re going to show you which skins are creating havoc in the market and are a must have so you can be popular among your peers. You can also like to get a complete guide to uninstall Steam games.

Let us begin with showing you how to install Steam skins and make your overall Steam experience a treat for your eyes.

10 Best Steam Skins of 2019

The internet is full of Steam skins, and they are plenty of websites that offer them. But we have curated a list of the top rated and used skins.

So you have a catalog for yourself and you don’t have to do much work. Let’s have a look at top Steam skins.

1. Pressure2

Pressure2 Steam Skin

Pressure2 is one of the most popular Steam skin because it is subtle and elegant, unlike the flashy skins that you usually see.

The main reason why it is so popular is that it is exceptionally readable and this is something that is really important because you don’t want to skip on the information in the account of being stylish.

It has a great orange and white palette which makes searching games in your library a breeze and the clear fonts are just like a cherry on the top.

The skin feels very professional, and the effects are literally everywhere even in the chat box!

2. Metro

Metro Steam Skin

If you’re searching for dark themes and overlays, then the Metro is made just for you. It turns the dull look of Steam’s default theme into a sleek and compact format which makes is soothing to the eye.

There is some customization, though it is limited to just changing the accent color, managing the font and decal.

This all done by using the browser-based utility. After doing all this, you just have to save the file in the Metro folder, and your changes will be saved.

Metro makes your work easier by giving easy access to Steam’s download folder and also makes your games look slick by providing an overlay.

3. Air

Air Steam Skin

Air is a mixture of minimalism and elegance which provides an incredible experience to the end user.

The creators of this skin are making people in awe of their product, and they hail it as a minimalistic design that takes inspiration from Google’s Material Design Language to give the users a very pleasing experience that soothes their eyes.

There are both dark and light versions available of the skin in which the latter is the default one. This skin treats you with fine lines and aquamarine feels in every corner of the skin as well as in the Steam overlay links.

4. PixelVision

Pixelvision Steam Skin

PixelVision has a bit of serious look that makes it stands out, and bluish tint just adds to the robustness of the whole theme.

This Steams skin has a hexagonal wall that covers the background in a very subtle but subtle way, and the metallic hatching just compliments the whole theme.

Sadly PixelVision has been left alone by the developers, and it is one of the reasons why the fonts have worn out, and there is no way to update the skin. But still, this Steam skin is relevant and can add to your experience.

5. Plexed

Plexed Steam Skin

As the name suggests the Plexed skin is arguably a bit pixelated which does not provide as much as the clarity and efficiency as other skins in the market but it has a charm of its own which is just an acquired taste and will please a limited number of users.

Plexed has a gentle gradient to it accompanied by a dark blue background. It was back and forwards arrows in the taskbar which will undoubtedly attract your attention towards them.

The taskbar also has some smoky effects to it, and the end result of this skin proves to be much better than your basic skin.

6. Old Flat Green

Old Flat Green Steam Skin

Well if you’re someone who likes unique and antique things. This is the best Steam skin for you that is an excellent mixture of old looks and modern functionalities.

Old flat Green as the name suggests is a Steam skin that has components like taskbar and tabs that look like old windows application and honestly give you a nostalgic feel.

The greyish green backdrops of the skin give your Steam layout a shallow profile look. This Steam skin will surely bring out the kid in you who used to play with CRT monitors and pathetic mouse and didn’t have the convenience of a touchscreen.

7. Minimal Steam UI V3

Minimal Steam UI V3 Steam Skin

If you’re someone who is a little bit short on storage and the large size of the Steam desktop client bothers you, then this is the best Steam skin that is available in the market for you.

Minimal Steam UI V3 has very classy vibes because of the metal hatching that goes all the way down to every feature like the chat windows which makes the skin look very efficient.

Steam’s original has some unnecessary bits and pieces which are taken into account by this Steam skin which makes the original client less bulky and saves space for you to use.

8. Steam Customizer

Steam Customizer Steam Skin

Well, why should the creators have all the fun? If you are a person who is good at doing artistic shit and also has a lot of free time in their hand. Then the Steam customizer is the right tool for you to make a skin of your own.

Like every other free service, you have to sign up for this site, and it will provide with you the Steam skin customizer.

You can go to any extent in the customization and even put a picture of your dog in the navigation bar. This is a perfect way for you to make your Steam experience your own.

Final Words

Steam has made a revolution in the gaming market since it has launched but in the race of getting more titles and increasing customer database.

They have really have paid a very less amount of time thinking about the customization of the platform.

There are many individual creators out there who have taken a benefit of its ability to give everyone a fair chance in improving the interface and look of the application.

You just have to be careful where you set your foot because you can trap in the web of malicious sites and viruses.

We hope that our guide helps you in the installation and customization of Steams skins and you take your experience to the next level.